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CBD vs CBC: How CBD Oil can help your Brain?

The use of CBD oil (hemp oil or cannabis oil) is becoming very popular when it comes to on trend health benefits and remedies. However, most people aren’t aware that other cannabinoids exist in addition to CBD. Whilst CBD is the most famous cannabinoid, CBC (Cannabichromene) is also a main cannabinoid that is prominent in medical research. In this blog, we will talk about what CBC is, how it interacts with the body, and some of the positive brain focused benefits it offers. 

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The history of CBD: Where did it come from?

Whilst CBD products are growing rapidly in popularity, they are seen as a relatively new and modern supplement, most in the west. However, the reality is that the beneficial effects of CBD, a compound found in Hemp, has been used all over the world, with some uses dating back over 3000 years. Ancient China The first mention of human cultivation and use of the hemp plant comes from 3300 years ago in modern day China, where it was called ma and used in everyday life as raw material for manufacturing textiles. Whilst the upper classes of society famously wore silk, the peasants instead wore cheaper, more durable clothes made out of hemp. The plant had another important use - to...

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