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CBD Gum 3mg per piece

CBD Gum 3mg per piece

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Blockhead CBD Gum is a calorie free chewing gum containg 3mg of CBD per piece. The CBD Gum may help you to relax during thos estressful days and also has pain relieving benefits.

  • 7 Pieces
  • Calorie Free CBD Chewing Gum
  • Contains 3mg of CBD per chewing gum piece
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Peppermint Flavour
  • Zero Calories

How does Blockhead CBD gum differ to other CBD products on the market today?

Because Blockhead is a CBD gum product, which must be chewed constantly, you will find that the active ingredients are delivered significantly faster than many other CBD products, because they travel into your body via the buccal mucosal (the lining of the cheeks & the lips, inside the mouth where they touch the teeth).

(0.01% or less THC indicated; Undetectable/nearly undetectable level of THC.)